"Alan gave me and my family our lives back"

    His experience and knowledge of the legal system got me through this tough time.

    - Former Client
    "He treated me like I was his own son and made me feel like his only client"

    I feel very fortunate to have chosen Alan and encourage any prospective clients to trust in his years of experience and legal wizardry.

    - Former Client
    "The and most excellent lawyer and caring man."

    He defended and won a criminal case for me in 2012.

    - Jackie
    "Alan was very professional and always looked out for my best interest."

    I believe I made the right choice and was found not guilty by a jury.

    - Former Client
    "Very understanding"

    He was very helpful and precise with everything that needed to be done in my families case.

    - Laoura
    "An incredible attorney and an even more incredible man."

    An incredible attorney and an even more incredible man.

    - A White Collar Crime Client
    "Excellent Lawyer"

    I have worked professionally with Alan Baum for over 25 years and have tried cases with him.

    - Mark
    "Great Lawyer and got the job done."

    He was very considerate and caring about my case and my family and again I would recommend anyone needing a lawyer to call him you will not be disappointed.

    - Kolt
    "He is a straight shooter who will help you understand the best approach to your particular situation and advise you accordingly."

    Alan genuinely represented not just me but my whole family and anyone else who honestly cares for me during my case because ultimately you are not the only one fighting for the best outcome.

    - Tom
    "Great Lawyer!"

    Great Lawyer!Mr. Baum was always honest and forthright with me the entire time.

    - G
    "Federal charge- possession with intent to distribute."

    I can proudly say I avoided prison all together because of a sentencing alternative program called CASA. Thanks again Alan.

    - Alexandria