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Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

The government has been putting more efforts and more funding into drug crime prosecution, and pursuing convictions relentlessly at the state and federal criminal defense level. For many drug crime cases, you may be facing charges by the state and the federal government, in which case you may be subject to harsh federal sentencing guidelines.

Whether you are being accused of a drug crime at the state or federal level, or both, take action immediately and seek help from a federal criminal defense attorney. The early stages of an investigation are critical. I have an excellent track record of effectively representing my clients through the investigations stage. I can help you manage the various state and federal agents, protect your rights, and push for a dismissal as soon as possible before any damage is done to you. I have the skill, expertise, and tenacity to handle all types of complex drug crimes.

I can represent clients who have been accused of:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug possession
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug manufacturing

Tenacious, Cutting-Edge Defense of Your Rights

No matter what type of charges or investigation you are facing, my approach remains tenacious and aggressive. When you hire me, I launch a thorough investigation into the facts of the case, scrutinizing investigative procedures, identifying whether your constitutional rights or search and seizure rights were violated, interviewing witnesses, and using my creative strategies to develop an effective defense. I understand what is at stake and am committed to providing high-powered defense at all stages of your case.

Defending Clients Across the Country in State & Federal Courts

I am known as one of the leading criminal defense experts and federal criminal defense lawyers in the nation. Having represented top leaders of the Cali Drug Cartel in federal court and many other prominent personnel, I have the ability to fight - and win - many of my cases.

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