All Murder Charges Against Tyann Allen Dropped, Represented by Attorney Baum


Attorney Alan Baum is a criminal defense attorney who accepts high-stakes, complex cases in both state-level and federal-level courts all around the country. Throughout his 46+ years of legal experience, he has built a reputation of excellence atop a history of successful case results. In continuation of his winning record in news-grabbing murder cases, Attorney Alan Baum was recently able to convince the San Diego County District Attorney (DA) to dismiss all murder charges against his client, Tyann Allen.

The case originates from March 2016, when Bradley Trujillo was found deceased in the garage of Tyann Allen and Anthony Boles. Although initial investigations to determine who fatally shot Trujillo were difficult, murder charges were eventually brought against Ms. Allen, who is a member of the Pala Indian Nation in northern San Diego.

Continuing his winning record in high profile murder cases, Alan Baum was recently successful in convincing the San Diego County District Attorney to dismiss all murder charges against Tyann Allen. Ms. Allen, a member of the Pala Indian Nation in North San Diego County was accused of killing Bradley Trujillo. In August 2017 and again in December 2017 Mr. Baum defended Ms. Allen in two separate jury trials, each ending in a hung jury. After the recent hung jury Mr. Baum convinced the DA to drop all charges and release Ms. Allen who, after spending over a year in jail, was able to spend the holidays with her family."

This marks yet another impressive case success for Attorney Alan Baum. Despite the prosecutions repeated efforts to land a conviction, he was able to defeat them time and time again until they eventually accepted the futility of their case.

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