Criminal Defense Lawyer


A Celebrity Attorney Without The Hollywood Flair.

You don't have to be of celebrity status to hire Attorney Alan Baum, but it's good to know the Hollywood community has entrusted Alan with their lives on numerous occasions.

Mr. Baum explains in a recent Forbes magazine article entitled "Guns for Hire" that featured Mr. Baum in the same company as other famous attorneys including O.J. Simpson defenders Johnnie Cochran, F. Lee Bailey and Robert Shapiro:

"Being a Celebrity Lawyer Has Changed. Suddenly there are more serious crimes out there - crimes entertainment lawyers aren't qualified to deal with."

- Criminal Defense Attorney Alan Baum

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  • 80% Success Rate Across the Nation

  • 45+ Years of Felony Defense Experience

  • Top Rating for Ethics & Skill - AV® Rating

  • Selected Multiple Years for Super Lawyers

  • Admitted to Practice in Over 50 U.S. Districts

Insights From Attorney Alan Baum

"Practicing in Federal Court is a challenge that excites me. My enthusiasm shows up in the superior results I have obtained for my clients. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are a problem, one that takes creativity, skill, and experience that lawyers who do only ‘some’ Federal Cases simply don’t have."

- Criminal Defense Attorney Alan Baum

Client Testimonials

  • Simply said Alan gave me and my family our lives back. This man is the best lawyer money can buy. I was in a serious situation and didn't know where to turn. Thank God I found Alan to handle my case. His experience and knowledge of the legal system got me through this tough time. Thanks so much, Alan.

  • Alan is a good lawyer. He was very helpful and precise with everything that needed to be done in my families case. We must have called him 100 times during the case and he was always available and understanding. I would definitely use him again.

    - Laoura

  • Unfortunately I found myself needing legal counsel for a federal criminal I stupidly committed in the spring of 2008. I was looking at the real possibility of going to federal prison for 12 plus years. I hired Mr. Baum to represent me. This turned out to be the best move possible. Mr. Baum immediately found me medical help for the tremendous amount of emotional stress I was under. The government waited an additional five plus years to actually charge me, all the while Mr. Baum stayed by my side. Mr. Baum was always honest and forthright with me the entire time. The government did offer me a plea deal. Mr. Baum explained the risk and benefits of taking a plea deal and of going to trial. I decided the best move was to take a plea deal, like the vast majority of all federal cases like mine do. However, with Alan’s legal expertise I was able to provide a very strong defense to the court for leniency in my judgment. In the end thanks to Alan I received an incredibly light sentence. I would recommend Mr. Baum to anyone facing a federal charge without any hesitation.

    - G

  • I hired Alan because of his fantastic reputation and he did not disappoint. I was looking at more than 15 years for a large white collar crime case and now I'm going home to be with my family. I don't know what these other people here are posting but I can assure you he did everything he could to do the best possible job for me and he delivered big time. I'm not sitting in jail and will be spending time with my family this holiday season I would recommend Alan to anyone needing a great Lawyer. He was very considerate and caring about my case and my family and again I would recommend anyone needing a lawyer to call him you will not be disappointed.

    - Kolt

  • I have worked professionally with Alan Baum for over 25 years and have tried cases with him. He is a lawyer I would personally retain if the cops came knocking ... touch wood.

    - Mark

  • Mr. Baum was the best lawyer I ever hired, he paid attention to our family needs. He defended and won a criminal case for me in 2012. My family and I will be forever grateful. First, to God, for putting Mr. Baum in our path. I recommend him 110%. My family is all together and very happy.

    - Jackie

  • Rest assured that if you hire this attorney you are undoubtedly in the best legal hands! Alan handled a very complicated case that my husband was involved in. Our whole family not only appreciated his expertise, but also his straight forward honesty and realistic attitude. He prepared and defended my husband with his entirety. His dedication is unmatched. His expertise is undeniable! Thank you for your perseverance and support Alan. E

    - A White Collar Crime Client

  • The bottom line is this, you can hire an attorney who tells you exactly what you want to hear so you hire them and then get disappointed when things dont go the way you want them to. Or you can hire a realist who will advise you as to the best approach considering all the variables of your case, your history, and your prospectus. This is the kind of attorney I feel Alan is. He is a straight shooter who will help you understand the best approach to your particular situation and advise you accordingly. Alan genuinely represented not just me but my whole family and anyone else who honestly cares for me during my case because ultimately you are not the only one fighting for the best outcome. He is thorough, experienced, and knowledgeable in his craft and it was proven in my case. I was facing about 13 years for drug offenses and ended up getting some house arrest and probation due to his guidence. I would personally recommend Alan to anyone I feel deserves a fair and honest shake at making their particular nightmare the best it can realistically be. If your considering Alan you're at the very least moving in the right direction.

    - Tom

  • Alan was very professional and always looked out for my best interest. I looked at hiring other attorneys and settled on Alan. I believe I made the right choice and was found not guilty by a jury. Thanks Alan!!

    - A Client

  • In 2018 I was facing my first ever Federal drug offense and Alan was the only lawyer out of half a dozen that would take my case! He was very straightforward and honest about what he could do for me. Turns out he gave me my life back as my charge carried a 10 year minimum sentence. 2 years clean and sober, I can proudly say I avoided prison all together because of a sentencing alternative program called CASA. Thanks again Alan.

    - Alexandria